Brand Design

We live in a world where digital inventions take place every day. The world is advancing at turbo speed and in order to keep up with this pace, you need to continuously improve and update your business. You need to adapt and add flexibility to your work. A business can only flourish if it keeps up with the latest trends. A business needs a user-friendly, attractive, and easily accessible website.
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With online platforms becoming more congested than ever before, and firms offering increasingly identical goods, brand design could be a major differentiator in helping you to stand out and appeal to your target customer. The design of a brand should mirror the company's personality and ideals; this can be a strong instrument in moulding your customer’s perception of your business. A distinctive logo or eye-catching colour scheme can have a stronger impact on customers than a big-budget marketing campaign.

Why you need our web design & graphic design help?

When it comes to the world of branding and being more visible in your chosen market you need experts to help you choose the best brand design for your company. We are here to help you design not only websites but also logos, and to create an impactful social media presence which will help show the very best of your business to your customers. Our goal is to help you build a brand that is not only relevant today but will also be remembered tomorrow. Our team is always available to help you design a website completely from scratch or complete a redesign according to your specifications and requirements.

We understand what makes great brand design

Website graphic designers & app development

Your website’s design is critical because it sets your customer’s expectations of the quality of service you will provide and overall company image. We all respond to images, whether consciously or unconsciously, and people are naturally attracted to beautiful design. Research has shown that around 75% of people judge a company's legitimacy based solely on its aesthetic appeal. BPL comprises of experts who can help you design and develop a website that is unique to your brand identity. Whatever your website needs whether a simple template or hardcoded site, we have got you covered.

Logo graphic designers

People often confuse a logo with a brand, although a logo is simply one part of the company’s branding. However, dismissing the value of logo design would be a mistake. It is the most visible representation of a brand's image and the cornerstone of a good marketing plan that allows a connection to be formed with the audience. BPL has a team of in-house graphic designers who will support you to create a simple but elegant logo that will help your customers to remember your business.

Colour Palette

Your branding colours are a significant tool for defining your brand. When the same colour scheme is applied across all platforms, it not only makes a significant impact on your customer but also creates a feeling of uniformity. The main colour palette is generally influenced by your logo; however, you can also utilise other complementary colours which will assist you in widening the core palette you use and better establish your brand's style and personality. At BPL we always make sure to improve but not deviate too far from commonly established design standards. When it comes to colour, moderation is key.


Written language is one of the most basic parts of identity, yet it is also one of the most expressive. Sometimes all it takes is a new typeface to subtly transform the vibe of your brand. Usually, we would choose two to three typefaces for basic, daily usage. We know what typefaces to avoid, such as those that were previously popular but are now deemed obsolete and overused. We choose fonts that are complementary to your brand while being contemporary and professional. We also use creative fonts with care and only when they complement your brand image.

Composition and Layout

What is the significance of composition? In many ways, composition and layout are the cornerstones of design. Composition provides structure to your work and makes it simpler to browse. Whether you're dealing with text, photographs, or graphic components, your work will fall apart if you don’t have a smart, well-composed layout. Layout and composition, you might say, are the silent warriors. It's easy to ignore their significance, yet they're integral to everything you see on any site. Here at BPL, we know all there is to know about brand design and take care of every little detail to ensure all your content is composed in the best way possible.


Images play a significant role in establishing a distinct brand personality. Every image, graphic, symbol, and button you use has an impact on how your brand is viewed.
At BPL, we always use clear imagery that highlights the features that make your brand stand out. The images we choose to use for your website and social media sites aim to reflect your distinct point of view and how you want your brand to be perceived.

Social Media Pages and app development

Our objective is to generate multi-platform audience familiarity and create visual consistency by applying your brand design across all your marketing channels. As a result, when people visit your social media accounts, they immediately recognise you without having to think.
We create effective social network sites by selecting colours, shapes, fonts, and picture styles that are appropriate for your brand's voice, specialty, and, of course, target audience.

How Do We Keep Our Brand Identity Consistent Across All Social Media Platforms?

Following the creation of your visual design and marketing identity, the next step is to define your brand's voice and personality. To be successful on social media, your brand must have a personality. This covers every aspect of the vocabulary used in your posts, including formal and informal terminology, taglines, and catchphrases. At BPL we create your brand’s social media voice and personality by crafting the most appropriate tone of language to be used across all your social media platforms and posts.

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Our team will ensure that each user that accesses your newly crafted BPL website, has a seamless experience. We will make sure that your website not only conveys the very best of your brand but is also easy to navigate and understand. We always plan, research, gather and implement the best of our findings to ensure that we grow your brand. In other words, we are available to provide you with the very best blueprint to make you a vibrant blue in a world of greys.
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Our team

We have a diverse team working tirelessly to ensure that your business is continually looked after. Every member of our team is an expert in their own field and always works to deliver the very best for you. We have a team of web and graphic designers, content writers and marketers who are highly experienced. Whether you must start from scratch or simply need a re-design, our team is here to assist you, every step of the way.

What we offer

Our team works together to join the many fragmented elements of brand design into a single integrated website. Our focus is on the elements that are going to win you customers. We are available to help you with;


We always ensure that each design task is assigned to the right person, at the right time to ensure that your site is built to the very best standards. We always plan, research, gather and implement the best of our findings to ensure that your site standards out from your competitors.

SEO writing& SPA

We understand that as a business owner, your goal is to be at the top of all search engine results and to achieve that you need the help of SEO. Our team completes research and stays up to date with the keywords and letters you need in order for your business t rank on top.


A well-designed logo is one of the most crucial parts of any business. Our team appreciates the importance of a logo, that is why our graphic designers work hard, use the correct colour schemes and graphics to help you create the perfect logo for your brand.

Branding & app development

As a business, we understand that your aim is to build a recognisable brand and in order to do that you need the help of professionals. BPL offers a wide range of branding as well as marketing services. Each service will always be tailored to your business. We create and customise branding packages for you, that no one else can.
BPL is here to help you create the very best brand through our telented graphic designers.

Our designing processs

Here at BPL, we work with you to ensure that we understand your business goals and aims and to obtain all the relevant information to deliver the very best results for you. Our branding and designing process consists of the following steps:

Data Collection

Our team will gather all possible data and information regarding your brand. We will then complete our research and use that data to plan the next step.

Developing the blueprint

With the data collected in the last step, our team will then design a blueprint for your business. It is at this stage that we will define and create a detailed plan for your work.

Generating the design,graphic designers 

The next step is to create the final design for your business site. At this stage, we will sit with you, the client, and present our final design. We do this to make sure you are happy with what we will deliver and to obtain your sign off. If you require any changes to be made, this can be done and another presentation provided for your approval.

Developing the final design, graphic designers 

Once we’ve received your approval, we will then deploy the final website design on your chosen platform. It is at this stage that we bring your new website to life.

Care plan and regular maintenance

After designing, implementing, and handing over your new website, we offer care plans. We understand the importance of continuous improvement and site maintenance, therefore if you choose one of our care and maintenance packages our experts will continue to deploy changes and improvements on to your site.

Getting to know your business

Before we begin work on any branding or graphic design job, our team will need to have a thorough understanding of your current brand and target audience. We will conduct a branding workshop with you and your key stakeholders to analyse and understand your present brand position. We’ll determine if your present image is still relevant, examine what works well and what can be improved, and determine what must be altered to expand your industry presence. Whether you’re looking for a complete brand makeover or a single graphic design job, our professional team of creatives and branding experts will collaborate directly with you to deliver the very best result for your business.

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Business objectives and brand personality

To achieve your desired outcomes, we need to understand your organisation’s priorities and values from the outset. This informs our branding team on the best path to take in order to improve your brand. We understand that your business goals may change and evolve as we progress with the creative process, therefore we are always flexible and ready to realign your brand personality with your new objectives. Prior to creating or changing any visual components of your brand, we will always seek your guidance to understand the character that you want your organization or product to portray.

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User and market research

Whether we are designing a logo or website for your business, our team will always complete user and market research prior to completing a design. Our team continually seeks to understand your chosen market and any nuances that may impact your success. We endeavour to understand what is working well for other business and what their weaknesses are; we believe that it is fundamental to learn from your competitors, whether the lessons are positive or negative. Once we have gathered all our data, we will then construct a brand identity that will set you apart in the market.

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